Diwan: A toast to the homeland

This collection consists of eight poems, the longest of which is “A toast to the homeland”, which portrays a drunk Arab, and the more he drinks, the more desperate and daring he becomes, thus he crosses all the “red lines”.
The poem is like a round of 20 drinks, each drink is a few lines of poetry linked to the part before it and the part after it. The poem was inspired by the downfall of Baghdad. As for the rest of the poems in this collection, they are a political vision in an artistic form of the current status of both the leaders and the peoples of the Arab nation, that proves a defect in the leadership.

A dedication:

To all those who helped me publish this collection and to all those who tried to prevent it!

Abdel rahman yusuf
7/5/ 2004


No one would believe me if I said that this collection is not against a certain person or regime or government. When I decided to publish this collection, many people advised me not to. That’s why I alone take its full responsibility, as the poet alone can bare such responsibility. As for the reason behind publishing it, it lies in the fact that I wanted to participate in the ongoing battle as it happens and not shoot a bullet after the end of the war..

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