Diwan: The bleeding of letters

This is my first collection that I published when I was 22 years old. It contains 40 of my early poems.


To my dear father, from whom I have learnt a lot, may god protect him and to my dear warmhearted mother and to my beloved brothers and sisters, may god bless them all.


In the name of Allah And peace and blessing may be on the final prophet, Muhammad bin Abdullah, and his family and companions I don’t like long introductions, nor short ones Because I believe that introductions in general are like a burden to art.

As for this collection, it could have been published with a long introduction written by a well known author, in addition to my own introduction, but I preferred to publish it with this short introduction, so that readers may not be affected by what critics might think of me.

I didn’t want to bribe my readers by an introduction written by a well known author. I just wanted to introduce my poems to them, without any commentary by me or anyone else.

This collection contains some of my earliest poems. That’s why, my dear reader, you may find a difference in its style.

Some of the poems represent the phase when I was an amateur, yet I decided to include them in this collection because they marked happy, or sad events. Also because they represent one of the stages of my life as a man and a poet, or simply for a personal reason! All I am hoping is for this collection to be my birth certificate as a poet in the world of meaningful, refined literature, which I have always been a fan of and wanted to present. As always, the first collection is either a poet’s birth or death certificate. Dear reader, I hope I didn’t bore you with this introduction, so I leave you with this collection of poems, hoping you like it.

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