Diwan: I have nothing to loose

This collection consists of a number of poems that reflect the poet’s vision of the phase through which Egypt and the Arab nation are currently going.
This phase is considered a rise of the Arab citizen who started to refuse totalitarian regimes that have been governing him for more than half a century.


To all those who wan to say “NO” And to all those who don’t want to hear it!

Abdel rahman yusuf
Cairo 20/4/2005


A free poet is like a man standing in the middle of a field with wheat seeds in the palm of his hand. Birds fly in from all over the place, eat peacefully from his hand and fly again. His utmost joy is when the birds settles on his hand, and this free bird in the sky is poetry.

On the other hand, those poets who put their poetry for sale or for rent, or write in their spare time are those who lock the bird in a cage so that they can look at it any time. However, they never know how it feels like for the bird to settle in your hand for a few moments then fly away…
That’s why, I attempted to free my poetry from all human desires, and I did my best to make it express what’s in my heart and soul, and how people feel without lies or hypocrisy, regardless of the consequences that free poetry sure has in our times. I have turned my life into a poetic experience always waiting for the bird to come eat from my hand then fly again freely… I am also, still expecting the consequences.

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