The Poet Participates in ?Resistant Poetry? Festival February 5, 2009

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Poet Abdul Rahmãn Yousef participated in “Resistant Poetry” festival held by the Journalists Syndicate under the sponsorship of Liberties Committee on Thursday, February 5th, 2009… A large number of Egyptian poets took part in the festival; among them were Sayed Hijãb, Al Sheikh Amin el Deeb, Gamãl Bekheet, Samir Abd el Bãqi, Zein el Abedeen Fouãd… The poet recited two of his poems entitled “Misr Al Qaseeda” (Egypt the Poem) and “Kulluna Taht Al Hisãr” (We’re All Under the Siege). The audience interacted greatly with the poet’s recitation asking him to repeat parts of his poems; they gathered around the poet after the conference to get his autograph and take photos with him…

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