The Poet in the Celebration of (Gaza) Victory in (Alexandria) January 23, 2009

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Poet Abdul Rahmãn Yusuf joined the people of (Alexandria) in their huge celebration of Gaza victory.

The celebration entitled “Gaza…The Symbol of Victories” was held in the Lawyers Syndicate Club in (Alexandria) under sponsorship of the Shari’a (Islamic Law) Committee. The poet recited his poem “Kullunã Taht Al Hisãr” (We’re All Under the Siege); the audience interacted greatly with the poem and interrupted the poet several times by applause and requests of repeating some excerpts of the poem. The poet also recited his poem “Min Shorfaty Fil Qãhira” (From My Balcony in Cairo). Many of the attendees were keen on getting the poet’s autograph on his collections after the event.

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