Black Wednesday


Is there any serious evidence of the existence of heavy weapons in the Rabea sit-in? The helicopters that flew over the two sit-ins* could have photographed any anti- aircraft with great ease! As for light weapons, these can be planted, the way the police is used to planting hash pieces on anyone they want to frame! Why did the regime decide to break up the two sit-ins in this manner? The answer is because there is a new military fascism, and the spider web it is currently building, in the form of a transitional phase or a new regime, can not become stable except through violence (that is what a reckless regime thinks). What happened on the fourteenth of August 2013 was a crime against humanity, with no statute of limitations. Those who committed it shall be punished, from the biggest head to the smallest tail. Whoever imagines that this matter will pass needs to read about the fate of the leaders of military coups around the world, to consider the fates of Augusto Pinochet, Pervez Musharraf, and Kenan Evren.  All those and others were prosecuted and lived an incomparable shame while on the threshold of the other life. It has been verified to us, for the umpteenth time, that we have an unprofessional police force, one that cannot catch a clothesline thief. It is unimaginable that this incompetent body is capable of breaking up a sit-in of tens of thousands of people without committing a massacre. Hence, anyone who talked of breaking up the sit-in was in reality giving the security forces the license to commit a massacre. The Interior Minister claims that heavy weapons were fired at troops. When listing weapons found, he did not mention any heavy weapons among them. Instead, he listed such a meager number of weapons, that, if his account was true, it would be absurd to have killed all those people (even if we adhere to the official death toll) for several rifles, pistols, birdshots and Molotov bottles!!! To those who think that the sit-in breaking-up is a done deed, I say the problem is much bigger than that. The gates of hell have opened. But if you ask me “Are you a Muslim Brother?”, I will in turn ask you “Are you human?”.  Whoever gives up his humanity for a minute loses it forever.  Let every human being look into his conscience to see if he is still human, or has turned into a monster. As of today, we live in a different country than that in which we lived before. This massacre is the beginning of a black chapter in the modern Egyptian history. You will come to know. My final word is directed to those within the regime who we believe to be honorable, such as the fighter Kamal Abu-Eita, Dr. Hossam Issa, Dr. Mustafa Hegazy, Dr. Hany Mahmoud, Dr. Ziad Bahaa Eddin and others: Pull out before you turn from activists and revolutionaries into war criminals!


* There were two anti-coups sit-ins (mostly by Moslem Brotherhood supporters), one in Rabea in Cairo and one in Nahda square in Giza. Both were forcibly broken up by security forces on August 14, 2013 with a high death toll and casualties. The authorities justified the excessive use of force by a claim that the sit-ins contained heavy weapons (translator’s note) Original article written by Abdul-Rahman Yusuf in Shorouq newspaper (published 17 August 2013).Link to original article in Arabic: