When will the chaos end?

When the deposed president, Hosni Mubarak, said (it is either me or Chaos) was not threatening to ignite artificial chaos, but rather he was stating a reality that he knew according to his understanding of the nature of the Egyptian state and according to the regional arrangements which he and his regime have taken part in making.

However, the response of the great Egyptian people was to prevent chaos, and people were able to dispense many institutions of the corrupt state of Mubarak. So they promised to protect themselves through popular committees and life continued. We then reached another stage where the Egyptian voter was able to express his opinion, and the outcome of the experience –in general- was good.

Things has changed after the coup of July 3, 2013. In order to understand what happened, we must realize that the Egyptian state is like a closed secret, and no one can see the country as a whole except few. It is like a secret organization that is not understood by even its members. Senior state people do not understand how the Egyptian state works, but only understand the part in which they are in charge of.

The deposed Mubarak, and during thirty years of exceptional measures has made the internal levels of the state (tailored according to his size). He has also caused to Egypt to be implicated in calamities on both the regional and the international level. Those which we are paying for nowadays.


He was the first to sign a paper that allowed the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia to be constructed. He was also the first to neglect our wealth of oil and gas and here we are still facing fines and penalties clauses in billions of dollars following the judgments resulting from his agreements with Israel.

I am saying this introduction in order to enable us to understand what is happening now in the region.

The collapse of Hosni Mubarak's regime had to result in a reshaping of the internal Egyptian situation, as well as a re-positioning of the Egyptian state, regionally and internationally.

When the revolution tried to govern it was clear that Egypt - at the internal level - was on the way to solving its security and economic problems slowly.

Regarding Egypt's international and regional role, it was clear that the international forces' mood was to continue pulling Egypt into the quagmire into which Mubarak had already entered.

Mubarak's legacy at the internal and international levels is over. Therefore, the Egyptian decision-maker (by which i mean the coup authority) is facing a vacuum, and this situation has been used to kneel Egypt down for ever.

Egypt's international and regional influence is great. Egypt is the history's lessons and the geography's provisions!

So what is happening now in the region - especially under the administration of a trivial president like Trump and his helpers- is that the entire region is being redesigned, so that the American and the Israeli ambitions and purposes are being met without hesitation.

Egypt has been marginalized by the presence of these foolish agents in power, and the leadership has moved to other capitals that have nothing to do with it.

Normally, when a superpower wants a political gain from a weaker state, it will tempt this weak nation with money. This was the case with Egypt in the Camp David's agreement, for example, America has paid Egypt the price of peace with Israel and it still pays an annual sum until today. America earns multiples of what it is pays ... but it pays!)

Contrariwise, if this superpower cannot tempt this weak country with money, it will use force and war. This is what happened with Iraq, for example, where the Iraqi state - because of the dictator Saddam Hussein - was invaded by a direct American military.

But ... for the first time in the history of mankind, we see a strong state taking from a wide range of States unlimited political gains without using one of these options as it neither tempted them by money ... nor did it overwhelm them with the power of arms!

For the first time in history - as far as I know - we see countries that are willing to give up their will and independence, moreover, they are willing to pay enough money to stock their wealth for decades ... by choice, for free and without war, just like this..!

Under the surrender status from the Arab countries, and with the direct and constant incitement which is done by the state of the United Arab (Conspiracies)... The regional scene must be redrawn.

It is normal that we become coveted by Americans, and in this context you can understand the fierce attack on Qatar and the attempt to downsize the role of the Turkish army and its presence in Syria, as well as the supporting the Kurdish organizations with heavy weapons (which operate against Turkey), as if it were a war declaration against Turkey-despite the nominal alliance with turkey.

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of politics. When the fate of the world is controlled by such idiots, and unmanageable people, anything can happen, but this does not prevent the will of the people from holding on. The failure of the Arab governments will not prevent the youth of the Arab nation from uniting to pass these difficult days.

What is happening in the region is an attempt to anticipate for a coming revolution, only Allah knows where from will it begin, and how far will it reach.

The password for resistance will be Gaza, and people's winning key will be in Cairo.

For all of the above ... We say to the revolutionaries of Egypt: save the Arab nation and the region, unite to overthrow this brute power that sells everything, and hardly gives people anything.

I come back to the title of the article ... (When will the chaos end?)


Some of the losers will reply that this chaos will end with the return of (any) Mubarak to power, but the fact that the current power is only a copy of Mubarak, may be an may be an uglier and more stupid version... But at the end we are in front of a perfectly (Mubarak-like) regime and we still live in chaos!

And there is the right answer ... chaos will end when the nation takes over the leadership of itself, when everyone is governed by the rule of law, and when people have the right to choose their governor, the right to be held accountable, and only punished if necessary.


Note: During the writing of this article, an appalling terrorist incident took place. The victims were Copts and children from Minya Governorate. They were killed by a cursed group that no one knows why and how did they allow themselves the bloodshed of such innocent people.

May Allah have mercy on the victims, and give patience and solace to their families and to Egypt on such incomparable dark days that we have not seen hundreds of years ago

This terrorist incident is a continuity of the failure of the Egyptian regime to achieve security, which has been a demand of people that the regime has claimed to achieve. They have defeated democracy and freedoms by the pretext of legitimacy. The result was that we neither saw Egypt achieving democracy, nor did it enjoy security.

In fact both could be achieved when people obtain the respect of their rights and freedoms without any exceptions.

We ask Allah safety.

Translated by Dr. Iman Salama