How do we confront the third of July's regime?

At the beginning, we tried to confront the military coup with demonstrations, but this produced great losses, though they were great championships, however the final result was thousands of martyrs, hundreds of thousands of injured, detainees, pursued and exiles.

The third of July’s military coup then turned into a governing system, and we now aim to confront this regime in all forums through small battles, in preparation for the great battle in which we win.

Our victory will be to overthrow this regime and to enable the Egyptian nation to achieve its goals and objectives in freedom, and in a dignified life for each and every individual.

Facing this ruling regime requires a moral basis, followed by a field action (practical plan).

Morally speaking,

1. Until now, the notion of returning the deposed president Mohamed Morsi to power remains the most coherent idea, morally and legally.

Morally ... because he has been an elected president - despite all what has happened during his short term presidency - and of course because he has been overthrown by a military coup.

It is true that this coup took advantage of the legitimate demands of the people, nonetheless, an elected president has been overthrown by the force of arms ... and not by anything else.

From the legal side,  ... the restoration of the president's legitimacy would help in modulating legal situations that have been produced by the coup (though I record here my reservation on portraying the return of president Morsi as the only way for riddance from such legal situations) ... No one can eliminate the majority of what have happened since the third of July, particularly international conventions.

The problem of this perception (despite its moral and legal strength) is that it is simply  closer to impossible, from a political perspective, as returning an isolated president to power after four years of isolation requires a revolution led only by this president’s supporters.

In fact, the proponents of this vision have made unprecedented sacrifices, yet their leaders were unable to achieve any worthy gain. The sacrifices were gone because of these leaders, and not for any other reason.  Such battles and sacrifices, I believe, would have caused the military coup to fall in a couple of weeks only if the leadership was wise enough.

2. Opposition forces (other than the Muslim Brotherhood and trends that call for the restoration of president’s legitimacy) are so far unable to come up with a unified or semi-unified vision, and are still unable to unite in an entity or under any umbrella


They are also unable to establish an alliance with the aforementioned legitimacy supporters, for many reasons, the most important of which is the crisis of confidence between the two parties, as well as for security reasons.  The Egyptian regime abuses whoever allies with the Islamists, especially with the possibility that Trump’s administration might classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.


What is expected?

- The control of the military over the economy and its increasing involvement in managing everything will continue, as well as a continued field failure in Sinai.

- More social unrest accompanied by an escalation of the economic crisis, and an absence of any reward from the phantom projects launched by the state.

- More repressive security practices, and the social unrest will be confronted with an iron fist.

- Attempts from within the existing authority to postpone the moment of collapse, while trying to rebuild external relation in order to regain regional and international support.  This may in turn require getting rid of the head of the regime, and making some mere formality changes concurrently, to guarantee the survival of the regime.

If these expectations come true, the probability of explosion or collapse will be very strong. Therefore, the challenge awaiting national political forces will be to unite in order to prevent the imposition of any catastrophic scenario that exploits the political vacuum and the absence of representatives of the public.

This is the ideal situation for a counter-revolution to impose a new military chief, or a civilian (paper tiger), in order to keep the situation as it is.


Revolutionary forces have no other choice than to unite, and in order to achieve this unity, revealing facts, by which trust can be regained, is a must.

If the revolutionary forces unite under a unified entity or umbrella, they will be able, at the moment of decisiveness, to invest masses which is a weapon the counter-revolution does not possess.

Such masses can at the moment of decisiveness adjust the path, impose a different will, and prevent those who steal revolutions from an armed robbing of our sacrifices, especially as our memories are still full of wounds that have not yet been healed.

A vision that includes the minimum of what is agreed upon is a must, in addition to an umbrella that gathers loyal patriots, who are capable of representing people, and embracing their real demands, otherwise the road will go long.

Are we anywhere close to realizing this unity?

All the confidence that this will happen soon, God willing...

May Egypt live for Egyptians and by Egyptians.

Translated by Dr. Iman Salama