A Letter to the Italian PM

Dear Prime Minister,

Do you bet?

Let me start first with a short painful story. When this happened, it received no objection from any European government, not a single one, although it has details that no sane person could accept. This story is narrated by two French journalists:

“This way, Faycal Barakat died in a Tunisian Police Station in 1991 at the start of a wave of oppression against Islamists with beards. He was a student of Mathematics in the University of Tunisia. This student, who was an activist in the Nahda movement, asked in a televised interview for more freedoms for labor syndicates before he had to move his activities to underground. He knew very well the price of such activities! Faycal’s brother was first arrested to pressure him, then he himself was arrested. One week later, it was announced that Faycal died in a car accident. It is the fate of political activists in Tunisia. Because of the regime’s bad luck, the coroner’s report decided that the reason of death is that a metallic object was violently pushed in Faycal\'s anus! This is, indeed, a very rare phenomenon in car accidents”

These two journalists talked at the time about Zein Alabdeen Bin Ali, France’s friend, and I am talking to you today about Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, your friend.

There are phenomena that happen only in our countries under the role of the Western-backed military Generals. These phenomena include the tearing of one’s anus during a car accident as in Tunisia (before their revolution) or, in this case, the death of the Italian young man Giulio Regeni whose body had signs of brutal torture but Egypt announced that he died of a car accident.

Everyone who knows Mr. Regeni knew that he was a very decent and kind person. 
You Western politicians, are the only ones who believe our fascist dictatorships’ “narrative” because they pay you -from our money- the price of your silence, and because your business deals are more worthy to you than the human life.

I am not gloating about what happened. I feel so sad for this painful human tragedy!

Do you know how much I love your country?

I have great memories in Italy, in theaters, in cinemas, in libraries, and in temples. Italy is this great land that was created to spread beauty over all humanity in the same way rice is sprayed over the heads of attendees in a villagers’ wedding. 

Why you Western politicians became so cruel?
Who can accept, as a young Italian politician, to deal with a murderous regime that does not hesitate to give you the body of an innocent Italian man with severe signs of torture and tells you that he died in a car accident?

Mr. PM: I know that my message may not find its way to you. I am banned from writing in Egyptian newspapers and magazines. I am threatened by the very same Egyptian regime that politicians like you are supporting. We have given so much of the blood of our young people for our freedom. 
We were so naive to think that a young politician, like you, will not be against us!

I wished that I could go to the Italian embassy in Cairo and light a candle for the innocent soul of Mr. Regeni but the regime you are supporting is banning me even from entering my country.

Mr. PM, I am writing this message to make a bet, would you take this bet? I bet that your economical and business relationship with Egypt will make you abandon the case of Mr. Regeni. I am willing to bet with millions of Euros, that this is what will happen. I am so confident that the death of this Italian citizen will not affect your decisions.

European governments will continue to support fascist regimes because of their economic interests. And we will continue to fight for our freedoms. We will follow the example of the Italian people who fought against Mussolini and ended his brutal regime.

If time comes back, would you support Mussolini or stand in the side of the people?

Mr. PM: My final word to you is that our people will defeat the dictator, we will continue to love Italy and its great people, and, we will welcome all Italians in our country. We will not allow that any innocent person be tortured or killed. But the politicians who dealt with fascist regimes will be made to pay a price.

Mr. PM, do you bet?