The equivocal days of the Egyptian revolution

A lot of the Egyptian revolution days are quite equivocal!

They are the days where many events are taking place                                              

You find those who magnify certain events to conclude a particular result, while others magnify other events to reach a different conclusion.

You also find those who insist on observing such events from a certain perspective to prove their own point of view, ignoring that the scene has more than a corner of vision, and that each of which can lead to different results.                                                      

Many days with dozens of events, and in each you might find dozens or maybe hundreds, or even thousands of stories sometimes!

Some believe that for each of these events there are two narratives, the narrative of the authority and the narrative of the revolution, or the story of the Islamists and the story of the civil trend … etc.

In fact, within each of these stories there are hundreds of individual and collective narratives and theories, and thus … we have an unlimited number of historical accounts for each event in the revolution,

Some of these narrators are sincere, some are seditious … some are deliberately telling lies, and some are unconsciously lying.

Some of them are trying to be fair, and others only want to absolve a faction and to criminalize another.

No one can impose his historical narrative of events, but there are those who owns the tools of the media and can keep the conflict raging, and it is in their interest to keep the conflict raging.

You will always find someone who keeps the conflict raging in every revolutionary season, and with each equivocal event.

In March … the anniversary of the betrayal of the revolution by the Islamists via the referendum held on the 19th of March 2011…when the ballot boxes said to the Sharia yes … (Take it or leave it ……and go to Canada)!

In June … the anniversary of the betrayal of democracy by the civil stream (June 30) 

In July … the anniversary of the military coup of July and the betrayal of the revolution by the civil current (July 3rd)

In July …The anniversary of the massacre of the Republican Guard … The massacre of the podium … The delegation of blood …The betrayal of the comrades of the revolution by the slaves of al-Bayda (the army boots)!

In August … they gave up on us in Rabia!

In October … the anniversary of the massacre of Masspiro…!

In November, they gave up on us in Mohamed Mahmoud … the announcement of the authoritarian constitutional declaration by the president!

In December … they gave up on us at the Council of Ministers … the events of the Itihadiya Palace… the martyrs of the Muslim Brotherhood … and Husseini Abu Daif (may Allah have mercy on all of them)!

Thus, … E-committees continue to play their vital role every year, year after year, to keep the fire in chests, to keep the rows scattered, and hence to keep the oppressor safe from the revolutionaries.

It is strange that many of those who are originally affiliated with the revolutionaries from all currents, still insist on playing the role played by the e-committees (without being aware),

without being concerned to seek revenge for their brothers in graves, or in prisons,

without feeling sympathy for the people whom their sanctity has been violated, who are starving and who are humiliated,

And without paying attention to their homeland that is being sold to whoever can pay (wholesale and retail) 

We see them- including poets, lawyers, thinkers, religious scholars, deputies in parliaments and party leaders – bullying the people of the nation if they unite in a fateful and uncontested issue like the case of Tiran and Sanafir.

Some of the Islamists (who are unconsciously working for the security services) say: “Blood is more important than land … and whoever does not outrage for blood, should not outrage for land.”

As if the revolution was a document kept in their wardrobe, they would give it to or hide it from whomever they want,

On the other hand, some of the civil currents (who also work unconsciously for the security services) say: ” when did the Muslim Brotherhood members know the value of the land? when did the Islamists understand the meaning of the homeland?

As if patriotism is a testimony given by them or as if they are the national “thermometer” that does not mistaken!

Such people do exist in our daily lives, and they show up more frequently in the seasons where of the revolution’s equivocal days.

We are solicitous about Egypt … the destiny of Egypt … the revolution of Egypt … the supreme interests of the Egyptian nation … the pain of millions of ordinary Egyptians … The existential threats that threatens our country, our nation, our wealth and our entire Arab region …

Therefore, we say to all such people (this is enough)!

We have had enough debates over the years!

You are not adding anything new in what you are saying … You have been saying it repeatedly over the years …

The tyrant oppressor is still where he is, our beloved ones are still in prison, and our land and dignity continue to be violated with every sunrise.

Indeed, your historical stories about the past, your views and your hatreds – even if they contain some truth – have been memorized, that we got bored from repeating them year after year …

Why don’t you find us a way to get out of the calamity in which we live? How can we save the rest of this country?

Whatever you are saying this year, it has been said in previous years, nothing is new, so…let’s get into the subject: How can we get rid of this situation?

Unfortunately, they will not find an answer to such a question and consequent questions that relate to the lives of tens of millions of Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims.

No one will answer you, when we ask them how to get out of this trap! and if they do give an answer, you will find it a helpless answer.  You will just find some unreasonable suggestions or conditions that make it impossible to get out of the trap.

Ironically, this article can be published on the anniversary of any of the equivocal day of the Egyptian revolution, moreover, you will find it suitable and identical to the situation!

Tomorrow … is a one of these equivocal days … Tomorrow is Monday, the third of July of 2017, the fourth anniversary of the military coup led by Abdel Fattah “Sisi”.

On this fourth anniversary … we see initiatives inside and outside Egypt, and we see many Egyptians – all of them had their mistakes at some point – trying to answer the question of getting out of the trap and trying to unify the opposition inside and outside Egypt in order to face the gang that has seized Egypt by force of arms.

Will the voice of those who serve “Al-Sisi” rise in such equivocal days? Will the style of crying over the spilt milk prevail at the expense of trying to get out of the trap?

I hope that an Egyptian national bloc, which can really present the honest Egyptians who want to get rid of the military rule in Egypt, will be formed.

This bloc should go beyond the hatred of the past, should be able to manage the differences between its components, should be the representative of the wise Egyptian opposition, and should formulate a vision explaining to the Egyptians how to resist this regime with the lowest cost, how to build the rule of law in an independent country without the rule of a client who is selling their land, who is killing their young people, and who is perishing their lives!

Answer us … How can we get out of this situation without misgivings of the past … because each of us has his own historical account of this past!

To all who enjoy fishing in troubled water, specially in the equivocal days … we got bored of repeating the same speech every year …… if you are Egyptians … or nationalists … or Islamists … Just answer the question of how to get out of the trap!

May Egypt live for Egyptians and by Egyptians …

Translated by Dr. Iman Salama

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