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abdelrahman youssef

*Khashoggi’s death put the Saudi regime in the wind

    * The royal family prepares minutes and seconds to skin the skin of bin Salman

    * Bin Salman put the religious institution and scientists in the trash

    * Turkey has been silent on crimes committed in its right from Riyadh and Abu Dhabi

    * The majority of American institutions support the removal of the Saudi crown prince

    * The slogan of Bin Salman since the beginning of taking over the matter «chainsaw not dialogue»

    * The Saudi regime does not have legitimacy and justifies its existence by fighting terrorism

    * Turks forced Saudi Arabia to retreat from their naive novel

    * Turkish national security is threatened if the perpetrator escapes punishment

    The existence of an alternative to systems of counter-revolution helps to drop them Abdul Rahman Youssef, the poet and Egyptian politician, that bin Salman will not become a king, and that his stay in his position will not go on, and the royal family is the minutes and seconds to skin, pointing out that Khashoggi’s death put the Saudi regime in the wind. . He said in an interview with the East that bin Salman put the religious institution and scientists in the trash, explaining that the Saudi regime justifies its existence by fighting terrorism because it does not have the legitimacy of development. He stressed that Turkey’s national security is threatened if the perpetrator escaped punishment, especially that Turkey has been silent on crimes committed in its right from Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, stressing that the Turks forced Saudi Arabia to retreat from their naive story .. How do you see the repercussions of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi politics? We are in front of an important and influential state and have become in the wind! The Saudi state lost because of Mohammed bin Salman several important things did not lose throughout the history: First: the religious political alliance The laws of politics say that this alliance was destined to dissolve one day. After religion becomes a burden on the politician, it is natural to get rid of it, but what happened was very strange, but very obnoxious. The religious establishment has been humiliated, the scientists have been insulted, and everyone has been implicated in things that needed wisdom more than recklessness, and to be more rushed than to rush. The slogan of Mohammed bin Salman – because it has nothing to do with politics – since the beginning of taking control (chainsaw … not dialogue)! Therefore, he threw the religious institution in the trash, and did not accept from his allies but more to thank him for his work on the heads of the certificate. Second: prestige or cohesion of the ruling family One of the reasons for the survival of the Saudi state and its long life is that the ruling family, despite its large size, is cohesive, thanks to the distribution of power on several axes within the family, and everyone has maintained this balance, because it was in the interest of all. The family, because of its cohesion, kept its prestige in front of any (other) that might appear to rival it even for a moment. What this reckless young man did is that he used the same method (with chainsaw … not by dialogue)! And the destruction of columns built by the balance of power within the family. There were several things. First, the aspirations of everyone within the family were opened (due to imbalances). Second, the aspirations of others from outside the family also began to open up. So … do not be surprised if there is a military coup in the Kingdom, and will be headed by an officer of a tribe supporting him, and turn Saudi Arabia into something like (Libyan Gaddafi). Will become an oil country, a republic, while at the same time based on tribal tribalism is very reactionary and underdevelopment. Third: the equations and alliances of survival Saudi survival equations depend on many things, most important of which is Yemen! The first responsible for this mistake is King Abdullah, who encouraged Huthi to descend from “Saada” to “workmanship”! But the continuation of the naive deal with the file of Yemen after the arrival of Ben Salman led to the imbalance of one of the most important equations of the Kingdom’s survival. Yemen is not an ordinary file for Saudi Arabia, Yemen for Saudi Arabia … It is a country that can not be satisfied, can not starve, it is full of danger to the Saud family, and its hunger as well … What happened is that Yemen is dying of hunger. At the same time, Saudi Arabia has lost many of its survival equations, such as its presence in Iraq, Lebanon and Qatar. All these files are dangerous for the survival of the kingdom, especially when it opens at once. The alliances of survival … are alliances that Saudi Arabia has lived for a long time, and the solution needed patience, such as alliance with moderate Islamic currents. The alliance with the superpowers has been shaky, and in the case of bin Salman’s removal … it is certain that all these alliances will be reconsidered, and the kingdom will pay much to return them (if they will). Conclusion … Saudi Arabia today may be in its late days, and it is very possible that the role of this family will end in leading this country forever. Q: Why did Brik kill Khashoggi in such a hideous way? They killed him for two reasons: the first: because he is a writer … and the second: because he is moderate! These regimes justify their whole existence by fighting terrorism. They do not have the legitimacy of development, and they do not have the basis of their existence and survival if the phenomenon ends. Consequently, these regimes deliberately create, sponsor, disseminate, promote and decorate terrorism for young people. The first way to spread terrorism in the eyes of these criminal terrorist regimes is to eliminate moderation and moderates (moral or material). Q: In general, how do you assess the performance of the Turkish authorities and their management of the crisis? Turkey in legal and moral trouble! And tried in various ways to avoid friction or engagement with Saudi Arabia, and silent on the major crimes committed in its right – the most important role of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the failed coup in 2016 – but useless. If Turkey is satisfied with “immoral” reforms, it will turn into an arena for settling scores among the international intelligence services. The Turks know this well, and they know that Turkish national security is threatened if the perpetrator escapes. I think they have managed the crisis very smartly in most of the chapters of the crisis, and used every means to slowly force Saudi Arabia to retreat from their naïve novel again and again. Q: Do you think there is a JH

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