Yusuf participates in (artists and writers against the amendments) in Alexandria (march 20th, 2007)

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The coalition of “artists and writers against amendments” made a seminar in the coastal city of Alexandria at the lawyers syndicate there.

This seminar is supposed to be the first in a series seminars that will follow  in different Egyptian governorates, in which Egyptian artists and writers will have their say in the constitutional amendments.

Poet Abdul Rahman Yusuf participated in the seminar and his participation was admired by the artists and writers as well as the audience.

The poet recited some of his daring political poems including:

“The president’s rosary”

“The rapist”

“Dead with no graves”

Thank god”

A manual for beating” “

The syndicate was filled with audience who were deeply impressed by Yusuf’s poems.

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The Yemeni cultural centre hosts Yusuf (April 4th , 2007)

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