AbdulRahman Yousuf

'To the martyrs of the revolution of the twenty-fifth of January great, and its victims, and all those who participated in the Egyptians ....... And to all the rebels who are still struggling and working with hope against everything that frustrates them in order to achieve the objectives of this triumphant revolution ... Live. ... freedom ... human dignity ... social justice ... '

AbdulRahman Yousuf

Coronavirus: Our world is caught on the precipice between freedom and tyranny

We’re all caught up in watching news about the coronavirus pandemic that has suddenly befallen our planet. We try to remember what our lives were like before this and anticipate how they will be afterwards, all the while fearing that this situation may never end.

The deadly virus initially emerged in tyrannical China, which apparently succeeded in defeating it through various means, including its dictatorial security services, which monitor everything. For supporters of freedom in the world, this makes us deeply fear what is to come, pushing us to join hands to protect this planet from a disease much more dangerous than Covid-19: the virus of tyranny.

Data in doubt

China is trying to present itself as a “successful model” of handling the Covid-19 crisis, even as doubts have been raised over the accuracy of the data presented by Beijing on case numbers and fatalities. Not only that, but the brave doctor who initially warned of the coronavirus crisis was reprimanded by Chinese authorities.

If this pandemic had started in a democratic country, it would likely have been discovered earlier, rather than lingering for weeks or months as the disaster escalated, . . .

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ANHRI denounces Abdel Rahman Youssef’s travel ban

CAIRO: The Arab Network for Human Rights Information denounced the banning of poet and member of Egypt’s writers union Abdel Rahman Youssef from traveling outside Egypt by security officials without citing any reasons, in a Wednesday statement.

Youssef was on his way to New York to hold the first of several seminars in different states, which he had already announced prior. He was thus surprised when airport security informed him that his name is on the travel-ban list. The poet waited for half an hour until his luggage was taken off the airplane before leaving the airport.

No reasons for the travel ban were given and Youssef was not summoned by the prosecution for any investigations. This is a clear indication that the oppressive methods of the state security apparatus are back, according to the ANHRI.

The poet . . .

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