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March 18th 2006


To all my readers, who have showered me with their love through thousands of letters:

I hope to fulfill your expectations.



My story with poetry is the story of a little boy trying to climb a tree. Thus,  trying to forbid a poet from writing  is like trying to cut all the trees or imprison all the children on earth.

Kids don’t listen to their parents when they try to prevent them from climbing trees. It’s their own little adventure and risk. It’s their pleasure and extreme joy. The child can fall off the tree. He might even hurt, but he goes back and climbs it again. The fall might be strong and might even leave him disabled with the dream of being normal once again in order to go back and climb the tree. All those who thought they could prevent me from being the poet that I am today think they can prevent the children from climbing trees…


Abdul rahman yusuf

 March 18th 2006