Where is the legitimate president?

What crime can a legitimate president commit to be kept in prison for years without being seen? without anyone visiting! without knowing where is he detained exactly!  without knowing how is he! and without being allowed to see even his associates!


Great treason? spying? killing? Mass murder? Massacres against humanity?

All these charges have been committed by many thugs in the ancient, modern and even the contemporary history, yet they were not deprived of their rights as human beings!


We have heard about the crime of enforced disappearance, which is undoubtedly horrible, but we know it happens to individual people, or even to politicians, but we have never heard of an enforced disappearance of a legitimate head of a state which is a Member of the United Nations. A state that has diplomatic, commercial and military relations with other superpowers.


International officials have tried to see him and to check on him ... but they have all failed!


The situation of the country has deteriorated after the disappearance of the wise legitimate president, and the conditions of the people, which were only known for their goodness, their respect and their uniqueness has collapsed.


The wealth of the nation is now threatened, and the only concern of the country has become how to harm its neighbors, how to cooperate with evil forces to suppress the people, and how to cooperate with enemies against the interests and constants of the Arab and Islamic nation. 


A Ramadan after a Ramadan, and no one knows where the legitimate president is!

An Eid after another, and no one visits him!


Here comes a new Eid and no one knows what the fate of the legitimate president is.

Who kidnapped the president? who overturned him?

He was overturned by the nearest people to him, and his closest institutions.


The institutions that were supposed to protect the president ... overturned on him, held him, and banned him from sunlight.


All what we get to hear are some news about the deterioration of his health or some rumours of his death.


A president, who has visited the country lately has insisted on seeing the legitimate president, but the usurped authorities just treated him rudely and ignored his request. The visiting president left, knowing nothing about the legitimate president.


Regional problems have exacerbated since the legitimate and wise president has disappeared, because he who seized power - illegally - is trying hardly to create unrest and to implement his plan and change the map of the region, hoping to become the colonial agent in his region.



There is no evidence that the legitimate president has stepped down and there is no evidence that those who are now taking over have any legal legitimacy, they rule by force of arms ... the law of the jungle ...!


Violations of human rights in the country have become unimaginable, in addition to dirty money laundering, intelligence interference in the internal affairs of other countries, conspiracies against brotherly and friendly people, and paying billions to gangs and armed militias to spread unrest and to overthrow regimes ... All this is happening at a cost of hundreds of billions, and the legitimate president, wherever he is detained, knows nothing.


I am talking about Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the legitimate president of the United Arab Emirates, the president who has disappeared completely since 2014, and his role in governing has not been known since 2010, and perhaps even earlier ...


I remembered him immediately when I read the demands of the embargo countries which has been sent to Qatar!


Can the terms of the Gulf countries’ reconciliation - if a reconciliation is to happen soon - include that the reconciliation is to be signed by the legitimate president of the UAE?


Nobody knows about the legitimacy of who is speaking in the name of the UAE today? And nobody knows how does the legitimate president think regarding all the files managed by those who do not have the legitimacy in the UAE!


Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, is the eldest son of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him ... A wise man, and we do not think he would agree with such childish actions committed nowadays in the name of the United Arab Emirates. In fact, he has always been known for his discipline, and his sanity in politics since the sixties of the last century.


The problems of our Arab region nowadays are mostly because of the ruling of those who lack legitimacy and the exclusion of those who have the legitimacy (no difference here between a forced pledge or a military coup) ... this can be observed in the majority of the Arab countries, and how people suffer because of the seizure of who has no right to rule, so we should not ignore a fair demand of the people, which is the legitimacy of the ruler.


Gentlemen ... I am talking about the legitimate President of the United Arab Emirates!

Tell us where is he! Is he alive? is he patient?

does he approve what this country is doing with its neighbors ... or even in the region ... or even in the whole world???

Answer us ...... may Allah bless you!

Translated by Dr. Iman Salama