Islands and peninsulas in our region and their conditions


In our Arab region, there are several flaming issues, which are connected to each other and have a wide regional influence. They have reflections on the Egyptian and Palestinian issues, and I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say that evolutions in Islands and peninsulas in our region affect the whole world and may even ignite a new world war.

We'll start by looking at them all.

First: the islands of Tiran and Sanafir

An overt betrayal of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, has ended by the involvement of all state institutions - with the exception of some judicial bodies - in the crime of great treason, and at the head of those involved are the leaders of the armed forces personally, and the institution of the army in its legal personality.

Regarding the shameful parliament, only one deputy has survived from this shame when he resigned immediately after the meeting, while deputies who are still begging the traitor in order to not sign the convention, are partners in the treason.

They presented the decorative opposition which was required by the director of the play ... Thanks.

It's the first step in the deal of the century!

On Friday, June 16, 2017, demonstrations took place in the streets and squares of Egypt for the first time in many months.

While some of the revolutionaries perceive the events of this day as less than what they have expected, and this is true, these events (according to information from within the state), were much more than what the security services have expected. In fact, what happened on that day had led to the firing of live bullets at some events, especially those that reached sensitive places, or the ones they feared from their expansion.

The limited turnout, as seen by some, can be justified ... A hot and exhausting day in Ramadan preceded by a campaign of arrests in almost all governorates of Egypt in addition to intensive security reinforcements.

In fact, the main reason behind such a limited turnout is the poor coordination among the Egyptian revolution's sons.

Creating a state of national alignment, on the ground of defending the Egyptian land, is a duty that should not be missed, especially as all disagreements seem tiny today, and whoever tries to promote for them will be seen as small by Egyptians today

I expect demonstrations to continue, and the issue of the islands will be the path which brings together the rebels again in a short time.

Second: Qatar Peninsula

The Qatari crisis is developing faster than many have imagined, and as I wrote in my article last week:

“As long as the crisis is only within the economic siege, the crisis will go in favour of Qatar, and its Prince will end up sitting at the negotiating table after several weeks or several months in a position that allows for a limited ceiling of concessions and a wide margin of maneuvrs!”.

This seems to be what exactly is happening!

Qatar has been able to get the F-15 deal during this sensitive time.

Qatar has tried to obtain modern American fighter jets for twenty years, but such jets were always given to its neighbors while Qatar was kept deprived!

After the crisis of 2014, and the threat of some (sibling) countries to bomb Doha with the American aircraft - you can imagine this kind of brotherhood - Doha was forced to buy the French fighter (Rafal), which is a high-priced fighter that has many flaws, however, there was no alternative, given the American insistence on not to sell the jets to Qatar, while arming the other neighbors with such a weapon that could change the balance of power

The Qatari crisis is heading towards a major Qatari victory, and it appears that this will happen in a shorter time than most observers have expected.

Silencing of Qatar and (Al-Jazeera) is an important part of the Century's deal that all evil forces are cooperating to impose on the people of the region.

Third: Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula is in danger. The Egyptian state is promoting nasty movies that claims that Sinai is not part of Egypt (after selling Tiran and Sanafir)!

The Century’s deal concludes that Egypt will give up parts of Sinai to establish a Palestinian entity, and hence liquidate the Palestinian cause forever.

The story started with the Camp David agreement, Sinai returned to Egypt, seemingly, then Sinai was deprived of development, and if a sort of development was to reach Sinai, its people were denied benefiting from it.

Then came the military coup on July 3, 2013, and the scheme began to be more violently, and more bluntly.

The Egyptian army blows up the houses and obliterates the Egyptian Rafah.

The Egyptian army planes bombard the safe civilians with false pretexts and unrivalled violations, some of which are videotaped.

All this serves Israel, which grants the clients who are ruling Egypt their legitimacy

The conspiracy on Sinai is the final step in the Century's deal!

Fourth: The Arabian Peninsula

There is a conflict over ruling the Arabian Peninsula. It starts from Yemen, and does not end at the beginning of the Levant, but extends to the depths of Iraq and Syria.

Some powers are coveted in changing the map of this geographical spot within the anarchy of the region, so you will find a clear conflict between those involved in the war in Yemen.

This conflict is related to the conflict over the governance in important countries in the Arabian Peninsula, is related to the Syrian revolution, is related to the Iranian expansion in Iraq and Yemen, and it has an important relationship with the Century's deal!

Unfortunately, maps and balances are changing to serve Israel's interests, and you may look to Somalia, the Comoros, Eritrea and Ethiopia ... to the second bank to see the ever-increasing military bases and economic cooperation that is always in favour of Israel ... All in order to re-plan the entire Arabian Peninsula

Fifth: The Island / (Al-Jazeera)

This island is of a special kind, an island by name only, a virtual island, it's (Al-Jazeera) news channel!

We may consider it an island of journalistic professionalism, surrounded by oceans, of decay in the media, from all sides.

The crisis has proved the ability of Al-Jazeera to be up to the level of the event, and the crisis has also showed how mistaken was Al-Jazeera when it reacted silently towards much of what was happening in the countries in which it was supposedly covering their news, just to please this or that force.

This crisis has also proved that it is rather better for Al-Jazeera to adhere to its professionalism than to be subject to any temporary political calculations.

The coverage of the Yemeni war may be a measure that shows the true index of freedom (currently).

Let go Al-Jazeera ... release its freedom ... That's how it has started and that how it has been followed by viewers from all over the world

Al-Jazeera is an unmatched soft force, and restricting it is an irreparable loss.

Translated by Dr. Iman Salama