The Qatari crisis and what follows

The Qatari crisis and what follows

My dear friend is a Qatari citizen and his wife is a Saudi, and according to the recent decisions in Qatar, his wife is forced to abandon him and to leave her three children (including a baby who is a couple of weeks old) and to go to Saudi Arabia alone, without her children (because they hold the Qatari nationality). Otherwise, and by the regime of his Majesty King Salman, she may face severe sanctions that could reach the prohibition of travel for several years!  . 

Within this context, dozens of weddings, consolations, marriages, and kinships will be disconnected between countries that are originally considered cousins.

The boycott decisions adopted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the united Emirates of conspiracies (along with their tails) ... are not decisions that can be implemented but rather are provisional decisions targeting a goal that must be achieved quickly. If this goal is not reached... these decisions will become a burden on whoever has taken them.   Accordingly, such countries will not be able to prevent their people from violating the decisions. Moreover, they will be sentenced by themselves and face a popular outraged that has been unprecedented before in the history of this region.

It has been only several days after insisting on the implementation of this boycott, and we started to see funerals without relatives, to see children being separated from their fathers or mothers, to see kinships being cut off, and to see the seeds of hatred being planted.

Simultaneously, and on the contrary, the State of Qatar has expedited the examinations of Gulf students in all colleges and educational institutions so as not to waste their effort during the whole academic year!

Qatar Airlines did the same with all passengers of different nationalities, as it has shouldered the cost of bringing them to their airports without any financial burden on the passengers.

It is quite difficult to write about a subject where events change every few hours, maybe every hour, or even less than an hour.

In this article, I will try to explain briefly to the reader the story of the Qatari crisis and to where could it be.

At first, no sane person can imagine that the crisis was caused by words from the prince of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, as claimed by the authors of the crisis. The crisis is carefully crafted and arranged with all its details. It is true that the crisis is going on a different path from the one that was arranged for, however, this does not negate the fact that the crisis was made with precision.

Later on, more reasonable reasons have started to emerge, such as that announced by the Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir when he said that Qatar must stop supporting Hamas.

It is clear that what is required from the State of Qatar is simply to fully comply with what the Arab Zionist lobby wants.

The State of Qatar is paying for its permanent rebellion against the ِArabs' calcified system, is paying the price for its support to the revolutions of the Arab Spring, and is paying the price for its support to elected regimes and for standing against the coup gangs.

Silencing the voice of Qatar and its soft forces is a prelude to the deal of the century, the deal that will be the exchange of land between the system of the agent Abdel-Fattah "Sisi" and he occupying Zionist entity which will be blessed by the Zionists of the Arabs, to settle the Palestinians in parts of Sinai, within a demilitarized entity, Including the right of return and Jerusalem...

May Allah help the Zionists be averted the evil of fighting.

There is no room at this moment for a channel that exposes, for a state that allows a resistance movement such as Hamas, or a city that hosts some opponents of such a deal. Only silence is required

When the Saudis and the Emiratis (and their tails) declared the boycott, the State of Qatar refused to be blackmailed. It has absorbed the shock in an impressive short time.

This way of handling the crisis suggests that the country's decision-maker had ready scenarios for any case of siege, obviously this was due to the crisis of withdrawing ambassadors in 2014.

The original plan of those who prepared the plot was to collapse the Qatari regime so that it would succumb to the escalation within a day or two. However, the steadfastness of the Qatari regime and its counter-propaganda campaign (characterized by professionalism without triviality) have changed the course of events.

Therefore, the conspirators began to act in a funny and ineffectual way, in fact such procedures only suggest disorder and confusion. For instance, there is no point in cutting of the relations of Mauritania and Djibouti with Qatar

Money talks ... and purchasing attitudes has been a characteristic of the Arab regimes for many years.

Qatar is a small country compared to all the countries that try to undermine it, but it has great attributes, the most important of which is ... the cohesion of the internal bloc, at the public level, as well as the level of the ruling family.

It is clear that the Arab Zionist lobby was unable to find a traitor in the Al Thani family to use it to undermine the legitimacy of Prince Tamim bin Hamad.

They were also unable to create chaos and panic in this small country because of the professional performance of the state in dealing with the crisis.

The situation is now is going in favor of the State of Qatar, and there is no way to subjugate this country except with a direct military action, which seems difficult given the presence of the US military base Aludeid.

President Trump is individually supporting what Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are doing, while the responsible institutions (the Pentagon and the Foreign Ministry) are against his thoughtless tendencies

The reason behind the failure of these institutions to follow a cowboy with such a thoughtless behavior is to preserve US interests on the long run. A military invasion in a country that hosts a US military base will have a significant impact on all US bases and all the hosting countries.

If the regimes welling to besiege Qatar try to resort to violence, or to attempt to change the Qatari regime by military force, which is a choice that no Arabic citizen would desire, it will be the end of the regime in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, the Oman, and Morocco ... as well as all monarchies in the region.

It is a death sentence to this form of governing system, and Iran, for example, will have an excuse to change the regime in the Kingdom of Bahrain. moreover we will witness violent interventions in many royal countries ...  this will be a result of the unprecedented action which the Arab Zionists had kindly produced and which could lead to chaos in the region.

This crisis will most probably remain outside the limits of military engagement, but that does not mean that there is a possibility of restoring normalcy ... this crisis can be considered the end of a chapter in history. Once it's over, a new chapter will begin. A chapter without the GCC, and with a complete change in the Arab-Arab relations, in which there will be different economic and military alliances than those present now. Alliances that are heterogeneous and will not last long, yet it will fill the space of time until people take actions to change these regimes that do not hesitate to separate a man from his wife, and to deprive infants from their mothers' milk just for the sake of their loyalty to Israel At the end ... and as long as this crisis remains within the economic siege, the crisis will go in favor of Qatar, and its Prince will end up sitting at the negotiating table after several weeks or several months in a position that allows for a limited ceiling of concessions. Assuming that his Majesty, King Salman, could raise and feed the children of my Qatari friend whom I mentioned at the beginning of the article ... only then the Kingdom's position will be much stronger!

As to what has been raised by some of the Egyptian revolutionaries, such as that the crisis has nothing to do with us, has nothing to do with the Arab spring, and that Qatar is a reactionary state which supports all the reactionary projects in the region ...etc. I might be able to respond to them in an upcoming article if the time allows.

We pray to Allah to protect Qatar, to make the Zionists of the Arabs lose, to help us unite, and to bless this nation with leaders that has loyalty to the homeland, not to enemies.