AbdulRahman Yousuf
AbdulRahman Yousuf poet and Egyptian media born September 1970.

Abdul Rahman Yusuf (born September 18, 1970) is an Egyptian poet, television host and newspaper columnist.

- He is a founding member of a number of political movements opposing Mubarak’s regime, such as Kefaya (i.e.“enough”) and the National Association for Change.

- In opposition of Hosny Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, Abdul-Rahman Yusuf wrote several poems that gained fame and popularity against Mubarak and his regime from 2003 till the regime’s fall in February 2011.

- He co-founded the Popular Campaign for Support of El-Baradei and Demands for Change, and was its General Coordinator prior to the January 2011 revolution.

- He was nicknamed “poet of the revolution” in reference to his participation in Egypt’s January-25 revolution in 2011, where he was among those who called for it and successfully organized its activities and political actions, as well as contributing through writing poetry and prose.

- He was banned from working in the media during the Mubarak regime, but resumed his work as TV host and columnist after the revolution.

- He has been writing daily and weekly columns in some Egyptian and Arab newspapers including al-Shorouq, al-Youm al-Sabei, al-Ahram, al-Dostour, Sout al-Ommah, al-Masry al-Youm and others.

- He is one of the major advocates of peaceful political change in Egypt. Some consider him one of the leading young politicians in the post-January-revolution phase.

- He hosted a variety of television shows, including “behind the truth”, “the boundary”, “opinion page”, “Egypt votes”, in a number of TV channels: al-Jazeera Documentary, Sehaty (i.e. My Health), al-Shabab (i.e. Youth) and CBC.

- He holds a bachelor’s degree in Islamic law (Sharia), and a master’s degree in the Purposes of Islamic law from Cairo University’s Dar al-Olum.

- His poetry collections and publications include:

1- Bleeding of Letters, poetry, 1992.

2- Facing the Mirror, poetry, 2003.

3- A Toast to the Homeland, poetry, 2004.

4- I’ve Got Nothing to Lose, poetry, 2005.

5- Out in the Open, poetry, 2006/2007.

6- Write Tomorrow’s History, poetry, 2006/2011.

7- Improvised Sorrow, poetry, 2008.

8- A Diary of The Cactus Revolution, memoir, 2011.

9- An Elegy for an Undying Woman, poetry, 2012.

10- The President’s Rosary, poetry, 2013.

11- On her head shoved, poetry, 2014